The In View Series Hosted by Larry King Highlights Community Banks

The TV series In View hosted by Larry King continues to show viewers how communities can advance and prosper by helping each other through hard times and offering their neighbors a hand up. For example, the In View TV series has looked at numerous community banks across the country, and shown how these locally-owned and operated financial institutions have helped their communities grow and thrive. The In View show looks at how small banks and credit unions, working with the best interests of their communities in mind, extend credit to local businesses and consumers in the area, many of whom have been denied credit by larger banks.

The In View series hosted by Larry King shows viewers how focusing on the welfare of their communities rather than investors sets community banks apart from their larger, more commercial competitors. Whereas many large commercial banks engaged in reckless and irresponsible behavior during last decade’s housing boom and subsequent bust, smaller banks like community banks often follow more sound principles. The big banks, in their greed and desire to look more prosperous to investors, made irresponsible loans that eventually went bad. The Dodd-Frank financial legislation, passed a few years ago to re-regulate the banking industry and attempt to curb some of its worst excesses, applies to smaller banks as well as larger banks, and has created some extra burdens for community banks across the country. The In View show will look at how community banks have responded to these challenges.

The In View series also looks at how proactive cities and communities across the country have revived their local economies through concentrated efforts like economic development initiatives.