The In View Series Hosted by Larry King Reviews Medical Advances

The In View Series Highlights Innovations and Advances

The producers of the In View series had a busy day yesterday with simultaneous video shoots in Chester, MD and Wichita, KS. The episodes shot yesterday should reach TV viewers within the next few months. The In View TV series has ongoing series about trends, developments and advances that impact Americans in their daily lives, as well as American small businesses and corporations across the nation. The TV program, which runs on major cable networks and prominent cable channels across America, explores stories of progress, achievement, innovation and advancement across the U. S. and Canada.

In View hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) shows viewers across the country how individuals, nonprofit groups, charities and companies have adjusted and adapted in these trying times to achieve their goals and keep moving forward. The In View show features stories about companies and organizations of all sizes. The show presents stories about small businesses, family farms and small physicians’ practices, along with stories about national and multinational corporations, regional companies and major hospitals, doctors’ groups and health organizations.

Advances in the Treatment of Diseases

The In View series hosted by Larry King reviews innovations, advances and breakthroughs in sectors, industries and fields across the economy, showing viewers how improvements and steps forward have improved quality and help companies, businesses and firms operate more efficiently and remain competitive. The cable television program has shown, for example, how school districts, schools and teachers across the country have incorporated technology to improve students’ performances and keep them engaged. The TV program has also explored advances in the treatment of diseases, showcasing hospitals that have produced positive results for patients.


3 thoughts on “The In View Series Hosted by Larry King Reviews Medical Advances

  1. I’d like to see the In View series hosted by Larry King feature advances in the treatment of mental diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. My parents are reaching that age when their minds start to go. What’s being done about these conditions? Is there anything I can do to prevent dementia from happening to me?

  2. Has the In View series profiled the Mayo Clinic here in Minnesota? They are doing some great things at that hospital! Places like Mayo and Johns Hopkins always seem to be on the cutting edge of medicine. You may want to look at the things that these places are doing.

  3. It’s good to see a TV series focusing on medical advances. My mom is battling multiple sclerosis. Has the In View series done anything on this disease and other diseases like it?

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