Producers for the In View Series Readying for Trip to Mid-Atlantic Region

Producers for the In View Series Readying for Trip to Mid-Atlantic Region

The In View series has film shoots scheduled in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland in the next week.

The In View series hosted by Larry King has three upcoming film shoots scheduled for the next week in the mid-Atlantic region of America. The educational TV program features interesting stories and profiles of entities from different areas of society, including education, medicine, the military and more. The TV program also presents programming about environmental topics and financial subjects, among other subjects. Producers for the program include Walter Waiters executive producer, associate producer Rachel Van Drake, associate producer John Patrick, senior associate producer Joel Walters, associate producer Karla Sullivan and senior associate producer Joel Walters. The show’s production team will film in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, March 27, and then in McLean, Va. and Woodbine, Md. on Monday, March 31.

Producers for the In View series with Larry King locate interesting stories about medical specialists, doctors, legal professionals, education institutions, charities, non-profit groups, medical facilities, financial advisors, schools, firms and other subjects throughout the United States and Canada.


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