In View Larry King Producer Team Tapped Broadcast Legend as Host

In View Series Host a Familiar and Well-Liked Figure

In View Larry King Producer Team Tapped Broadcast Legend as Host

Larry King interviewed many controversial figures, like singer Chris Brown.

There aren’t many modern news personalities who can rival the longevity of living legend Larry King. Producers for one of King’s current projects, the In View series, realized the public’s familiarity to King would make the broadcaster a great choice to host the program. The In View Larry King show features illuminating looks at a wide assortment of subjects. King first gained publicity in 1957 while working as a broadcaster for a small Miami radio station. He was known for his willingness and interest in talking to and interviewing anyone he met. As he gained public attention, his love for a good conversation was one of the qualities that attracted celebrities who normally didn’t like to give interviews to King. King’s emphasis on open-ended questions and his keen ability for listening helped make him popular among shy and loud celebrities alike. He was also willing to meet interviewees wherever they were in order to get an interview. He did broadcasts from prisons, the Olympics, the White House, and celebrities’ homes out of many other locations.

One of the Best Interviewers Ever

While some consider his style soft compared to other correspondents, King’s method was successful in attracting guests who would normally be disinclined to give a live interview. Vague and easy questions allowed famous figures to offer their stance or side of the story without feeling defensive. Then, after a number of easier prompts, you could count on King to throw in a hardball question every once in a while. You could also count on getting a more interesting answer since interviewees felt more relaxed. At the heart of his style Larry King was genuinely more interested in learning about his visitors than attacking them, and this approach earned him respect among even the most elusive guests. The In View Larry King producer team knew that the host’s incredibly successful and award-winning career would make him an excellent choice to front the show, which runs on major cable channels, reaching audiences across the country.