Integrating Technology into Education in South Carolina

The education of our children is a crucial part of determining our future. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and preparing them for the future is a top priority. In View Larry King is taking a look at how one South Carolina School district is working to give its students the very best chance in a competitive world by introducing new technology into the classroom.

The “T3” initiative in Spartanburg School District Three is bringing technology into the classroom and into students’ learning in new ways. Now, students can work collaboratively with others both at school and at home, fostering the communication skills they will need in a new 21st- century workforce.

T3 stands for technology, transforming, and teaching, and it is helping students and teachers break out of traditional ways of learning. It is helping both escape traditional ways of teaching and learning that have inhibited the most productive educational experience. This new initiative dovetails with the concepts of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking that have become the watchwords of modern education.

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