Microsoft Set to Release Improved Xbox One

Microsoft is unveiling an 1TB Xbox One.

Microsoft is unveiling an 1TB Xbox One.

About 18 months into its life, and the Xbox one is getting an upgrade.

Microsoft has announced that its $400 gaming console Xbox one will now come with 1TB of memory, doubling the hard drive space available in the original Xbox one, which hit the market in November of 2013.

The original 350GB version will still be available, but with a lower $350 price tag.

The updates console also includes a new control with a jack that will enable users to plug in any set of earbuds of headphones.

The new Xbox comes bundled with “Halo: The Master Chief Collection,” which includes the first four titles in the franchise with extra content.

The announcement comes with the Electronic Entertainment Expo just a week away, which promises to bring many more announcements from the gaming industry.