Safe Ship Featured on the In View Series

Throughout the history of business, family businesses have proven to be successful over the long run. On an upcoming report from the In View series, audiences will see how Safe Ship takes the same care that mom and pop gave their kids as they pass the business from generation to generation. With attention to their success and an understanding of 21st century business practices, Safe Ship blends traditional value with the most modern business practices and a vision for the future for the pack and ship industry.

In View with Larry King is committed to showing audiences how small businesses are thriving in a rapidly changing economy. Executive producer Walter Waiters, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producers Erica Doyle, Rachel Van Drake, Scott Kuntz, Mike Wohl, Ryan Chadderton, and Adam Burr are working to introduce audiences to the businesses that are adapting to our changing world.

For more information on the program please call: 1-855-4 INVIEW or 1-855-446-8439.


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