The In View series, an original, uplifting and informative cable television series distributed on cable TV outlets and hosted by broadcasting great Larry King, features programming about a diverse selection of subjects. The In View series hosted by Larry King (855-446-8439) reviews stories of advancement, innovation and achievement across the business world, as well as in education and across the health care industry.

In recent weeks, the producers of the In View show have set out to find inspiring and upbeat stories about America’s military and the country’s brave men and women in uniform. Specifically, the show has looked at programs and companies that help to ease the burdens on American military families and help returning service members smoothly transition back to civilian life. In View hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) has spotlighted leading companies in different industries that have tried to recruit military veterans to their companies. The In View TV series has reviewed the collective effort to which many companies have committed to hire veterans and give them a “soft” landing as they transition from fighting overseas to working here at home.

The series features Larry King, one of the most recognized and respected figures in the history of television and broadcasting. King worked on national television for 25 years as host of a nightly show on CNN. He also spent decades on national radio.


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