The In View Series, on Technology and the Internet

The In View Series, on Technology and the Internet

The In View series will look at how companies are marketing to consumers online as people spend more time online on devices like tablets and smartphones.

The In View television series, with host Larry King, is looking at a number of issues in technology, including the changing ways we use the internet. Just a decade ago, few people had mobile access to the web, and few homes and businesses had Wi-Fi access. Now that has changed, offering people more ways to take advantage of the power of information from any location. The In View series will highlight innovations and improvements in technology, and look at how increased access to the internet has changed business.

The In View series Larry King is looking at how people are using Wi-Fi and mobile devices like smartphones to stay more connected than ever before. This technology is also changing the way we work and spend money as well. Many companies have shifted their marketing strategies to reach out to customers on the web as more people spend increasing amounts of time online.

The In View Larry King program reviews this technology both on cable television and online at In coming reports, the team at 561-544-7965 will be examining how this technology is revolutionizing the way businesses communicate with customers, adding a new way to get the word out about new products and promotions, driving success over the internet.