In View Hosted By Larry King

In View 2015 ReportsIn View with Larry King brings audience the very best reporting in a wide range of fields. The production team is committed to broadcasting excellence, garnering multiple Telly Awards for their work in the industry.

Executive producer Walter Waiters, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producers Erica Doyle, Rachel Van Drake, Scott Kuntz, Mike Wohl, Ryan Chadderton, and Adam Burr are working on identifying the people and organizations that are altering our outlook on the future.

In View Series

The program covers a wide range of fields including:

  • Healthcare
  • The Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Business
  • Technology

The program works to show audiences how innovative minds in these fields are helping to reshape the future. In laboratories, hospitals, classrooms, boardrooms, and drawing boards, these bright minds are improving our lives with new ideas.

In View Larry King also explores some of the exciting changes our world will offer in the coming years, including new connectivity to make our lives easier and new insights into the world that we are only just now beginning to discover.

Host Larry King has been a fixture in our livings rooms for a half-century. Over the years, his unforgettable interviews with newsmakers and celebrities have been a part of our conversation. He has interviews presidents and other world leaders and also interviews celebrities like George Clooney and Jerry Seinfeld.

In View with Larry King

In View Series Cost Analysis

As our world changes, Larry King will be there to provide the best reporting about the best minds on In View hosted by Larry King. He will introduce us to the people behind the headlines, providing enlightening news about our world.

The program continues to lead the way in reporting on the big changes in our world. To see some of the great reporting on the show check local listings for airtimes on great cable networks like Fox Business, Bravo, and Discovery.