The In View series relies upon its experienced team of television producers to develop fresh programming ideas and locate interesting stories that affect businesses, families and consumers nationwide. The production team of In View hosted by Larry King includes the following individuals. Take a moment to learn more about these creative individuals and their backgrounds.

Joel Walters

Mr. Walters has been producing educational television programming for national airing over the past decade. As Senior Producer he carefully selects the true and correct positive stories that are impacting people’s lives, in the way that they are accurately making educated decisions on important issues of the day.
He resides in South Florida where he enjoys fishing, golfing and boating as well as quality time with his family. Mr. Walters is also very passionate about sustainability and education which are both critical subject matter, and has worked with the best and brightest institutions and organizations on award-winning shows.

Karla Sullivan

Hi, My name is Karla Sullivan. I am a native Floridian. I love it here!! I enjoy the beautiful beaches, reading and spending time with the two men in my life.
I have been in the Television production industry for a total of 6 years. My job is very challenging and very interesting. I’m always learning new things as we work on unique stories for the program. I enjoy every aspect of what I do as a producer.

David Kent

Born and raised in Salisbury, MD, I graduated from Wesley College in Dover, DE. Worked in the radio industry in the Salisbury/Ocean City, MD market both on air and as an account executive for 7 years. Moved to Florida in 2000 and love it here! I have a great desire and passion to educate the masses about the topics and issues that will affect our lives and our children’s lives for years and decades to come.

Diane Shandler

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, I have resided in the US since 1987 and have lived in Florida for 22 years.
Owned business for 15 years as an International Marketing and Sales Consultant and worked as a contractor for numerous companies as well as the Florida government assisting them in setting up a presence nationally and internationally.
I felt I needed a change and was interested in being an Associate Producer for the Profile Series Productions working on educational programs, especially since our shows change people’s lives. In just a short while I have produced 23 shows mostly related to the changes in the Health and Medical industry showing our audience the advancements in all areas targeting Baby Boomers and Seniors. I learned some very exciting things through all my participants and know that I have made a difference.

Seth Goldberger

I studied and lived in Israel for a year and backpacked throughout Europe afterwards.
Moved to New York City and graduated from Sy Syms School of Business. B.S. in Management Information Systems.
Married to an incredible woman from Montreal, Quebec.
I’ve worked on Wall Street, Controlled Inventory for a major restaurant wholesaler, later becoming a regional buyer for the company.
I am currently an Associate Producer with In View Series, hosted by Larry King.
Hobbies and interests include most sports, fine food, wildlife, traveling the world, skin diving and spending time with family & friends.
Also, I am always thinking of the next great invention or idea that makes our lives easier.
I am always looking for a compelling educational story when it comes to our program. If I can change just one person’s life for the better by getting spreading the word, I’ve accomplished my goal.

Rachel Van Drake

Born and raised in Minnesota.
I worked in nonprofit development for 25 years before working as an Associate Producer for In View. I have always been a strong supporter of science and education and find this a perfect fit to promote important issues facing us today.
Interests: volunteerism, active in my church, gardening and reading.

Courtney Lovejoy

In the fall of 2008, Courtney Lovejoy signed on with ABC, launching her career in the television industry. Aside from being a former television and radio personality, Courtney is also a former spokeswoman for two notable charity organizations. She is a southerner from Louisville, Ky. and has continued on her path to South Florida as an associate producer for Larry King’s In View Series and Profiles Series Productions LLC.

Brian K. Cahill

Brian K. Cahill is a native New Yorker and a Yankees fan. He studied Business at Central Connecticut State University and has spent the past twenty years developing vocational and ad vocational educational programs. From 1994-2008, Brian’s business ventures relocated him to Southeast Michigan where he worked cooperatively with the Michigan Board of Education and United Auto Workers Union (UAW) to meet non-traditional educational needs. From 2007-2012, he worked as an admission advisor and educational consultant. Brian is a sports fan and enjoys golf, snorkeling and relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Southern Florida. He supports youth athletics and veterans’ programs.

Derrick Milhous

After being in the printing and publishing world for over 20 years I decided to take my expertise into Broadcast Media and joined In View.
Graduate from California State University of Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science Degree in English Literature.
Board member of MIH Fathers Inc., Board member of 1st Tee of Miami and Board member of DAGA – Dade Amateur Golf Association.
I enjoy golf, flying and boating.

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